Brief Biography


I have lived in Amherst for 24 years on McClellan Street in the center of town in a single family house.  I help raise 4 children that were educated in the Amherst public school system.  At first I worked part time as a physics and astronomy professor at Holyoke Community College, Westfield State University and Clark University.  Currently I work full time at Holyoke Community College teaching physics to science and engineering students.  I have served on numerous boards and committees at the college for the two and for two local non-profit agencies.  During the time I have lived in Amherst, I have been an elected member of town meeting for 11 years.  With my wife and two neighbors we founded and help run a local neighborhood social gathering that has met without interruption once a month for 24 years.  Amherst is my home and I am committed to helping ensure that the rich and diverse population, neighborhoods and village centers grow in a manner that reflects the best collective vision of all the people who live and work here.