League of Women Voters (LWV)

Below find my answers to questions posed to all candidates by the League of Women Voters.  Answers needed to be 40 words or less.


1.  What should Town Council do to develop a diverse and representative pool of qualified candidates for the Planning Committee, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and other committees that it will appoint?

Town Council must ensure that the pool of candidates for these positions is representative of all major constituencies.In cases where the diversity of the board or committee does not reflect the diversity of the town recruitment should be done.

2.  How would you prioritize and fund Amherst's capital project needs? In particular, would you support an override?


Elementary schools, public works, fire station, libraries prioritized in that order.Fire station and public works may be switched.Roads, sidewalks and general infrastructure are also important.Willing to consider tax override but reasons and town support must be strong. 

3,  Specify one or more initiatives that you will support to increase affordable housing in Amherst


Strong sustained support of public efforts such as the Amherst Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and grassroots non-profit groups such as the Amherst Community Land Trust (ACLT)  .Additional private, public-private partnerships, and creative solution from other communities need ongoing investigation.

4.  How would you address the effects of declining school-age populations and charter schools on the Amherst school systems?


Charter school funding formula must be fixed to be fair and reasonable.Schools should continue current efforts to address the diversity of student needs.New schools building design or renovations must include ability to adjust to changing enrollment.

5.  How can Amherst become a municipal leader for local efforts to mitigate climate change?


Amherst is a leader already.We need to sustain and forward initiatives in progress, such as, Community Choice Energy and the Zero Energy Municipal Buildings bylaw.We benefit from the work of strong advocacy groups, such as, Mothers Out Front.

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