Below is the information I sent to the Hampshire Gazette on 10/24/18.  Included is my response of 40 words or less to three questions asked.

Age: 72

Hometown: Amherst

Education: Ph’D Physics

Why are you running for Town Council?

I decided to run for Town Council because I felt we needed a more inspired and innovative plan for the future of our downtown.  I want to ensure that plan is the product of a broad participation and inclusion.


What is the number one issue facing Amherst?

We must develop a practice of inclusion and participation in all plans, policies and decisions.  Capture the wisdom of the many, while building unity and community.  Begin with refreshing the Master Plan and rethinking downtown development.


In these times of divisive politics, how do you plan to bridge any gaps that can make Amherst whole again?

Every major project, plan or policy must begin and end with broad participation and inclusion of the diversity of views in our community.  If a person feels their view was carefully considered, it is much easier to accept an opposed outcome